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ECOS Free Economic Zone

A platform for the development of a digital business environment and the production of innovative technological products and services.

Features of FEZ ECOS

The ECOS Free Economic Zone is a new digital platform that aims to stimulate the development of a digital business environment and the production of innovative technological products and services.


Ecosystem infrastructure ECOS is a high-tech platform for creating, implementing and developing new business models.


Open marketplaces based on the ECOS infrastructure for the integration and promotion of new products and solutions in the IT field.


The ECOS community brings together Blockchain and AI technology professionals, investors and government officials.

Zero tax and other benefits for residents for 25 years

Residents of the ECOS Free Economic Zone receive not only tax benefits, but also access to the ECOS infrastructure, a database of specialists and a convenient communication platform, as well as the opportunity to hire foreign labor without restrictions.


Income tax and VAT


Import and export customs duties


Taxes on property and real estate

Who can become a FEZ resident

FEZ ECOS invites companies specializing in the following fields of activity for cooperation:

  • New digital technologies: blockchain, artificial intelligence

  • Information technology, software

  • Development and production of technological solutions

  • Other directions of the sphere of advanced and science-intensive technologies

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Opportunities of the ECOS Free Economic Zone

Infrastructure, necessary services, special tax and customs regimes and access to an international database of specialists - everything for the successful launch and development of your business.

  • home 06
    Smart offices
    Multifunctional workspaces
  • database 03
    IT infrastructure
    Power unit, data center, mining farm
  • life buoy 01
    To support starting and running a business
  • bank
    Investment Services Platform
  • microscope
    Innovation Hub
    Development and Research Center
  • rocket 02
    Acceleration programs
    Preaccelerator and acceleration
  • graduation hat 01
    Competence center
    Educational programs for developers, entrepreneurs and investors
  • face happy
    Career Center
    Access to the international database of specialists

How to become a FEZ resident?

Applicant's intention

Provide a brief description of the company's activities to the FEZ operator, and then sign a preliminary agreement of intent.

Preparation of a business plan

The applicant needs to prepare a business plan and submit an application to the authorized body of the Government of Armenia.

Government Approval

Within 25 working days, the Government of Armenia makes an appropriate decision.

What do FEZ residents get?

  • Consultation

    Consultation on benefits and the process of doing business within the FEZ.

  • Documents

    Preparation of necessary documents for opening a company.

  • Registration

    Registration Legal address, company registration in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

  • Documents

    Application package that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Economic Development.

  • Preparation

    Preparation of documents for the Ministry of Economic Development, their subsequent approval and defense before all relevant committees.

  • Contract

    Conclusion of an agreement with the Organizer of the free economic zone on the conditions of activity in the free economic zone.

  • Certificate

    Certificate confirming the right of a FEZ resident to tax and customs benefits.

Why Armenia?

Great opportunities of the "Little Country"

Government openness and support

Ecosystem infrastructure ECOS is a high-tech platform for creating, implementing and developing new business models.

Highly qualified intellectual capital

Schools for the early development of technical competencies in children operate in Armenia, and scientific centers have been created on the basis of local universities.

International interest in location and personnel

Representative offices of companies: Workfront, Synopsys, Yandex, Founder Institute and others, in 2019 Yerevan will host WCIT - an international congress in the field of IT.

Innovations in Armenia

The promotion of the IT sector has been identified as a priority for the economic development of Armenia and has the full support of the government.

  • 650

    IT organizations in the country

  • 2700

    Highly paid vacancies

  • 15 350

    Number of people employed in the IT sector


Companies of what organizational and legal forms can become residents of FEZ ECOS?

A commercial enterprise (legal entity: LLC, CJSC, OJSC) and individual entrepreneurs can become a FEZ ECOS resident. The optimal basic option in terms of tax and content optimization is offered by CJSC, our consultants will analyze your case and offer the best option for you.

Is an office rental required to obtain residency?

The presence of a registered address of a company in the ECOS FEZ is one of the key conditions for obtaining residency. To obtain an address, a business owner can rent an office, conclude a lease agreement for premises, or rent a workplace (Flexi-desk) from the free economic zone. Flexi-desk is a workplace in the free economic zone co-working space, which is allocated for use by the resident’s employees. At the same time, the cost of renting such a place is several times less than the cost of an annual office rent, which is the best solution for a start-up business.

What taxes do companies pay in FEZ ECOS?

There are no commercial taxes in the FEZ ECOS. If you open a company, then your duties include only the monthly payment of income tax for employees

How to start bitcoin mining?

There are two main ways to mine BTC: home and cloud. Home mining was popular at the beginning of the crypto market, but over time, the industry has become more complex and the process has become more expensive. Cloud mining has become more profitable and easier alternative. This made it possible to mine cryptocurrency remotely by leasing the capacities of large data centers.

How long does it take to open a company?

Opening a company in Armenia takes 1-2 days. However, it must be remembered that some types of activities require additional permits from local authorities (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, etc.), which can increase the period of company registration up to several months.

Is it required to deposit the authorized capital into the company's bank account and what happens to it then?

To open a company in Armenia, the formation of an authorized capital is required. The standard share capital for an LLC is AMD 10,000. Depending on the type of activity, this amount may be higher. Physical transfer of funds to the company’s bank account is optional.

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